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Whether it is about a labor code, divorce or an M&A legal dispute – we’re here to help! Hire a Lawyer Who Has Got Used to Winning! Check the interview where dozens of our former clients tell, how desperate they were to win their respective case and how slim their chances seemed… before hiring us as their lawyers!

We pride ourselves on “Excellence, Experience, Efficiency”. We have decided to focus on the types of legal needs that most families and small businesses have. Most our lawyers that practice in our areas are either sole practitioners or practice in smaller law firms.

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Domestic Violence

If you have experienced domestic violence we will provide support, legal advice and help.


If you have been the victim of business or commercial fraud, our attorneys can help.

driving crime

If you are charged with DUI or other serious traffic violations, you can count on us for representation.

drug crime

If you have been arrested for a drug offense, our experience drug crimes attorney can help.

Personal Injury

If you have got injuries that lead to physical, emotional or financial harm, we will help you.

Juvenile Crimes

We represent minors charged with a variety of crimes and offenses in the Family Court.

We Provide Solid Law Practice

You get an outstanding representation and support on different legal matters.

Aggressive Criminal Defense

We have experience in defending the most serious life offense felonies and criminal charges.

Experienced Court Performance

Our experienced attorneys and lawyers professionaly perform during the process in Court.


Achieving Success in Any Area with Us

Righten team have successuly handled many cases where client didn’t know what to do. We prove our professionalism by our happy clients and their recommendations. We help you believe in a successful result. We aren’t afraid difficulties and challenge ourselves every day.




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