Answers to Your Questions

Personal Injury

Q. Do you need a Personal Injury Attorney after an automobile accident or slip and fall accident?

A. Yes. However, you first need medical attention and should seek the highest quality of care possible through a licensed medical doctor. After stabilizing yourself medically, you can address your legal matter if you wish to pursue a monetary recovery for your injuries, lost wages, and in some cases, loss of spousal companionship. This is when you need an attorney. An attorney will assist you with analyzing the liability by thoroughly investigating the accident scene and securing the evidence necessary to hold the negligent parties accountable, for example, witness statements and video camera recordings.

Employment Law

Q. When do you need an employment law attorney?

A. There are many complex laws and situations. It is best to consult with an employment law attorney the moment you feel your employer/management is violating your rights or not correctly paying you your wages and salary. The reason is that some situations can be corrected before your employment is terminated. You will also have the time to gather the legal evidence needed to prove your case.

In most situations, clients come to the Paul Lelii Law Office after being fired wrongfully. At that point in time, an employment law attorney can create an official timeline of events with you and help you gather evidence to determine the best course of action. The need for an employment law attorney is due to the vast state and federal laws that regulate the workplace. An attorney can find the most appropriate course of action, whether assisting in filing a discrimination charge with a governmental agency or filing a civil lawsuit. In some situations, employment relationships are governed by arbitration provisions.

Business Law/Development

Q. Why do you need a business law attorney to develop your business or handle a government inquiry?

A. As the old saying goes – you need a good accountant and attorney before launching your new business or facing legal issues with the IRS or a governmental agency.

When you build a foundation (new business structure or amended structure), you must make it as strong as the idea you want to place in the marketplace as either a new brand or upgraded product or service.

An accountant working side-by-side with an attorney can build that foundation by determining the best legal structure of your company and choosing the best tax classification, LLC, or Corporation. A lack of planning is a sure way to have the best plan to fail.

At the Paul Lelii Law Office, the development of new businesses and drafting of security offerings services are being offered to entrepreneurs. For current business owners facing a lawsuit or governmental investigation, the Paul Lelii Law Office is here to represent you. Contact our office to discuss your business venture or need for a small business attorney.