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A smart venture and the right opportunity do not guarantee success in the world of entrepreneurship. A rising entrepreneur may face many hurdles on the road to founding a business.

Let Paul Lelii help your start-up, small business, or enterprise grow with competent a business attorney and legal services you can trust. Paul Lelii represents clients from all levels of society, from the person new to the business world to the entrepreneur who needs to secure representation to build real estate projects or develop business systems/models

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At the Paul Lelii Law Office, Paul Lelii helps businesses reach their goals and achieve long-term success through effective planning, intelligent transactions, and aggressive litigation. Services provided include corporation formation, business plans, securities offerings, redevelopment projects, inventions (food systems), and other small business services.

  • Incorporation Services for Start-ups.
  • Intellectual Properties (trademarks, copyrights, and inventions).
  • International Development.
  • Real Estate Development/Distressed Property Acquisitions.
  • Business Purchase or Sale.
  • Raising Capital and Investor Agreements.
  • Contract drafting and review.
  • Community-based projects.
  • Public Benefit Corporations.
  • Non-for-Profits.
  • Ongoing Legal Advice.
  • General Corporate counsel.
  • Are you or your business being sued, the Paul Lelii Law Office represents entrepreneurs in COMMERCIAL LITIGATION MATTERS.


At its most basic level, entrepreneurship refers to an individual or a small group of partners who strike out on an original path to create a new business. An aspiring entrepreneur actively seeks a particular business venture, and it is the entrepreneur who assumes the greatest amount of risk associated with the project. As such, this person also stands to benefit most if the project is a success.

Paul Lelii can be part of your entrepreneurship team and provide invaluable business services to prevent litigation and help protect your business. Paying close attention to details and dedication to his work is a mode Mr. Lelii learned at a young age while he grew up in his family’s small Italian restaurant and pizza parlor business.

Why Choose the Paul Lelii Law Office as your Business Attorney?

Because Paul Lelii is an experienced and enthusiastic advocate: Paul Lelii brings genuine commitment to your entrepreneurial success.

Personalized Solutions: Paul Lelii takes the time to understand your unique needs and goals, tailoring our legal strategies to your specific roadmap.

Clear Communication and Transparency: Paul Lelii keeps you informed and involved every step of the way, ensuring you are always in control of your legal journey.

Unwavering Dedication: Paul Lelii is by your side, advocating for your best interests and celebrating your milestones with unwavering support.

Empower Your Entrepreneurial Journey. Schedule your free consultation today and let Paul Lelii help you turn your vision into a thriving reality.

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Starting a business and do not know where to begin? LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, EIN, are you confused yet?

Wondering how you will grow a business to six or seven figures? What contracts do you need? Should you register a trademark? What should be in your terms of service? What permits do you need? Do you need to collect sales tax? What is in that lease you are signing?

The Paul Lelii Law Office will get you set up with a business entity that will work for you, an operating agreement that will work best for you and your partners, consult about trademark registrations, draft any contracts you need, review your commercial lease and perform a total risk assessment and be there for ongoing support and advice.

From Concept to Commercialization: We provide comprehensive legal services tailored to your specific entrepreneurial journey, including:

Incorporation and Formation: Choose the right business structure (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp) with our expert guidance and ensure seamless compliance.

Strategic Transactions: Craft winning business plans, secure funding with confidence, and navigate contracts and agreements with our experienced legal team.

Intellectual Property Protection: Safeguard your innovations through trademarks, copyrights, and patent applications, securing your competitive edge.

Real Estate Matters: Conquer complex land deals, construction contracts, and zoning regulations with our comprehensive real estate legal services.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution: Protect your interests in commercial disputes and ensure swift, effective resolutions to safeguard your business.

Ongoing Legal Support: Paul Lelii is your trusted legal partner, providing ongoing counsel and initiative-taking guidance as your business evolves.